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Nevzat Taşcı continues his undergraduate education at Galatasaray University, Department of Political Science. He has taught debating at universities such as Galatasaray, Istanbul (Çapa) and MEF. He actively gives debate training at various high schools and is a member of the instructor staff of the Münazara&Hitabet. Taşcı, who has been taking an active role in civil society since 2016, has volunteered and worked as a manager in different NGOs. He is one of the founders and chairman of Simurg, which advocates for the right to education. He is also the co-founder and co-chairman of the Gri Bölge, which works to reduce polarization and rebuild public spaces. In addition, he is one of the directors of the Arayüz Kampanyası, which is focused on the lack of youth representation. He carries out the report, information note and policy production processes within Arayüz Kampanyası. Taşcı also produces content that is of his own interest for the Filokalist internet magazine. Youth rights, youth sociology, youth representation, justice in representation, political communication and polarization are among his main areas of interest.