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Youth Unemployment: Outlook and Policy Recommendations
Dr. M. Murat Kubilay

In this policy note, M. Murat Kubilay analyzes the different dimensions of youth unemployment. A record-high number of jobless young people, their striking demand for higher education, low labor force... ...

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Women's Political Participation in Turkey: Existent Barriers and Policy Recommendations for Increasing Participation
Dr. Bengi Ruken Cengiz

In this policy note, Dr. Bengi R. Cengiz discusses the hardships female politicians encounter by focusing on the Turkish context. Cengiz investigates the structural, institutional and cultural barrier... ...

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Food Inflation and Agriculture in Turkey
Gökçe Şencan

In this policy note, Gökçe Şencan analyzes the recent trends in Turkey's food inflation from multiple angles compared to global trends, by crop types and food items, and in relation t... ...

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Central Bank Independence and Turkey’s Experience
Prof. Dr. Selva Demiralp

In this policy note, Prof. Dr. Selva Demiralp discusses the notion of “central bank indepedence” by contextualising it around Turkey’s experience. Demiralp delves into the reasons as... ...

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