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Women's Political Participation in Turkey: Existent Barriers and Policy Recommendations for Increasing Participation
Dr. Bengi Ruken Cengiz

Despite being one of the essential conditions of democracy and the ideal of equal citizenship, gender equality remains a distant reality in today’s politics. Ensuring the “visibility&...

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Conspiracy Theories, Election Campaigns and Voter Perception
Dr. Erol Sağlam, Seren Selvin Korkmaz, Gülşen Doğan, Nevzat Taşçı

This research examines voter orientations at the intersection of conspiracy theories and election campaigns prior to the May 14, 2023 elections. For this purpose, it delves into how the growing visibi...

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The Economic Impact of the Turkish Earthquakes and Policy Options
Prof. Dr. Selva Demiralp

Turkey was hit by two massive earthquakes on February 6. Assessing the damage from the earthquakes is critical for developing policy measures to properly address the needs of the region. In this pol...

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Main Conflicts in Turkey's Foreign Policy 2022
Dr. Cihan Dizdaroğlu, Dr. Pınar Sayan

As Turkey’s foreign policy preferences have increasingly been an important part of the national and international agenda, the "Main Conflicts in Turkey's Foreign Policy" report was prepared for ...

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