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Women's Political Participation in Turkey: Existent Barriers and Policy Recommendations for Increasing Participation

Dr. Bengi Ruken Cengiz

Despite being one of the essential conditions of democracy and the ideal of equal citizenship, gender equality remains a distant reality in today’s politics. Ensuring the “visibility” of women in the political sphere is particularly essential for achieving gender equality and representing their experiences and interests marginalized within the political sphere.

In this policy note, Dr. Bengi Ruken cengiz explore the barriers to achieving equal representation for women and deliberate on measures that can be taken to overcome these barriers, with the objective of fostering gender equality in the political sphere. Initially, unequal representation in Turkey will be examined through comparative data, and subsequently, the key problem areas will be presented alongside proposed solutions.

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Dr. Bengi R. Cengiz attained her Bachelor of Arts degree from Boğazi.i University, and her Master of Arts degree from University College London, where she was honored as a Jean Monnet Scholar. Bengi R. Cengiz obtained her Doctor of Philosophy degree from Sabancı University’s Political Science program, specializing in an extensive study on the perceptions of citizenship rights and freedoms in Turkey. She has also served as a visiting researcher at the prestigious Institute for Turkish Studies (SUITS) at Stockholm University, as well as the esteemed Department of Political Science at Uppsala University.