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Rethinking the System of Government in Turkey

In the course of the processes of democratisation, institutions play a crucial role. Democracies can function effectively and overcome existential crises to the extent that they are institutionalised. The institutions do not only play a regulative role buthave also a transformative function. Therefore building democratic institutions is ofa vital importance for a real process in the course of democratisation. In our project "Rethinking the System of Government" we focus on the constitutional system and think that a new system of government will be a good start for the building of a democratic regime. 

Project coordinators: Edgar Şar & Uğur Tabak

REPORT 1: "A New System of Government for Turkey: Proposed Solutions for System of Government Based Problems" | Authors: Prof. Şule Özsoy Boyunsuz & Dr. Berk Even

REPORT 2: "Reinstatement of Rule of Law in Turkey: Proposals for an Independent and Impartial Judiciary" | Author: Assoc. Prof. Demirhan Burak Çelik