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Policy Recommendations Towards Immigrants, Asylum-Seekers and Refugees for the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr. Derya Özkul

In this policy report, Dr. Derya Özkul explores the problems faced by irregular migrants, asylum seekers and refugees during the COVID-19 outbreak in Turkey. The first part explains the background of the epidemic when Turkey had opened its borders for migrants and refugees to cross to Europe. The second part explores the growing difficulties experienced by asylum seekers and refugees in Turkey in accessing their rights to health, work and education, particularly since the period when the COVID-19 outbreak was declared. The third part summarises the examples from other countries in responding to migrants and refugees’ needs. The last section, ‘Projections for the Future’, discusses the increasing use of new technologies and automated decision making for asylum seekers and the associated challenges. The report will also provide policy recommendations for each of these areas.

(The report is available only in Turkish.)