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Green Just Transition Opportunities and Policy Suggestions for Turkey

Gökçe Şencan

This policy note offers a short recap of the Green Just Transition plans and efforts of developed economies like the US and the European Union, and looks into three sectors of interest in Turkey with potentially big gains from a Green Just Transition roadmap: electricity, construction and transportation. In electricity, Turkey could counter the budget deficit and reduce electricity costs by divesting from coal and natural gas, and investing in solar and wind power capacity, energy storage technologies, solar and wind equipment manufacturing and the renewable energy workforce, as well as encouraging the widespread deployment of rooftop solar. The construction sector can be reinvigorated with incentives to make the existing buildings energy efficient, by providing financial support for low-income groups to retrofit their homes and encouraging the construction of eco-conscious buildings. The decarbonization of the transportation sector, which is already experiencing a shift toward hybrid and electric cars, can be accelerated with solutions like revising and restructuring the taxation of motor vehicles, providing cash incentives for electric vehicle (EV) buyers and tax credits for EV manufacturers, investing in electric charging infrastructure, and exploring green hydrogen for fleets like trucks, buses and other gas-fueled public transit vehicles.

(The policy note is available only in Turkish.)