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Development and Poverty: The Economic Future of Turkey

The roundtable meeting, Development and Poverty: Turkey's Economic Future, organized by Istanbul Political Research Institute (IstanPol), was held on Monday, October 17th. At the meeting, which was moderated by IstanPol Development Program Director Alphan Telek, CHP Poverty Solidarity Office Coordinator Hacer Foggo, IYI Party’s Deputy Chairman for Development Policies Ümit Özlale, DEVA Party’s Deputy Chairman for Industry, Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation Policies Burak Dalgın and Future Party’s Deputy Chairman for Economic Policies Kerim Rota shared the economic roadmaps of their parties with the audience.

In the second part of the meeting, a discussion was held with the audience from the business world, media, politics and NGOs on Turkey's problems in the fields of economy, development and poverty and how they should be resolved.