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An Overview of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The Role and the Future of the Peace Plans

Karel Valansi

U.S. President Donald Trump claims his peace plan for Israel and Palestine conflict will prove to be the ultimate deal. In this policy note, Karel Valansi discusses the main arguments of Trump's Plan; "Peace to Prosperity: A Vision to Improve the Lives of the Palestinian and Israeli People" also known as the Deal of the Century, and compares it with previous American efforts for peace negotiations. The main difference of Trump’s plan is its departure from the Oslo principles that until recently have been the starting point for all American peace initiatives. The note analyzes Trump's Plan and compares it with the Oslo approach in crucial issues of Jerusalem, refugees, the Palestinian state, borders, and settlements. The role of Turkey, the role of the Arab Peace Initiative and the future of the American policy towards this issue during the presidency of Joe Biden is also explained. 

(The policy note is available only in Turkish.)