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Return of Syrian Refugees: International Debates and The Case of Lebanon
Dr. Derya Özkul

As the Syrian conflict enters its tenth year, the return of Syrian refugees has become one of the most important debates in the international arena, as well as in Turkey. In this analysis, Dr. Derya &... ...

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The ‘Pure’ Nation Against The ‘Corrupt’ Outsiders: The AKP’s Populist Foreign Policy
Prof. Dr. Evren Balta

To date, the AKP’s foreign policy framework has evolved through three distinct phases: the phase of liberal internationalism characterized by a commitment to the EU and multilateralism (2002&nda... ...

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Populism at the Intersection of Religion and Nationalism
Dr. Bilge Yabancı

(The analysis is available only in Turkish.)... ...

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Health Policies of Populists During COVID-19 Pandemic
Didem Seyis

Various claims have been made as to whether populist regimes will succeed in dealing with the pandemic. Particularly in the first period of the pandemic, all populists were ... ...

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