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A New System of Government for Turkey: Problems and Proposed Solutions
Prof. Dr. Şule Özsoy Boyunsuz, Dr. Berk Esen

In the course of the processes of democratisation, institutions play a crucial role. Democracies can function effectively and overcome existential crises to the extent that they are institutionalised.... ...

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Pandemic Management in Turkey: The Question of Institutionalization and Institutional Memory
Assoc. Prof. Fatih Artvinli

The aim of this report is to discuss the “pandemic management” within the historical context of institutions, to evaluate institutionalization attempts regarding pandemic management, under... ...

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The Prospects for Peace in Cyprus - The Impact of Elections in the North
Dr. Cihan Dizdaroğlu

Turkish Cypriots are preparing to elect their fifth president – the next community leader – to guide the peace negotiations. The presidential election in the Turkish Republic of Northern C... ...

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Policy Recommendations Towards Immigrants, Asylum-Seekers and Refugees for the COVID-19 Pandemic
Dr. Derya Özkul

In this policy report, Dr. Derya Özkul explores the problems faced by irregular migrants, asylum seekers and refugees during the COVID-19 outbreak in Turkey. The first part explains the backgroun... ...

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Teleworkability and Its Impacts on Inequality in the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Dr. Uğur Aytun, Dr. Cem Özgüzel

In this policy paper, Dr. Uğur Aytun and Dr. Cem Özgüzel discuss workability practices that have become prevalent in Turkey as a result of social-distancing measures taken in the wake of the... ...

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The Future of Agricultural Policy in the Aftermath of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Prof. Bülent Gülçubuk

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a global wave of panic, and left many worried about their future. The pandemic has unleashed significant concerns about food shortages and insufficiency of domestic... ...

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Impacts of COVID-19 on Women’s Domestic and Professional Engagements
Assoc. Prof. Ayşe Aylin Bayar, Prof. Öner Günçavdı, Prof. Haluk Levent

As COVID-19 pandemic hits global economy, vulnerable groups in the society also carry the burden of this outbreak. In this policy paper, Assoc. Prof. Bayar, Prof. Günçavdı and Prof. Levent... ...

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COVID-19 Infodemic and Its Management: A Comparison and the Case of Turkey
Prof. Dr. Sibel Sakarya, Intern Dr. Gizem Uzunköprü

The COVID-19 outbreak, caused by a new virus that has many unknowns, has led to an excessive demand for information across the globe. In response to this demand, an explosion of information on COVID-1... ...

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Economic Stimulus Packages as a Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Comparison & the Case of Turkey
Prof. Ceyhun Elgin, Assist. Prof. Gökçe Başbuğ

In this policy paper, Prof. Ceyhun Elgin of Columbia University and Dr. Gökçe Başbuğ of Sungkyunkwan University comparatively evaluate the economic stimulus packages adopted by national go... ...

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The Impact of the COVID-19 Outbreak on Income Distribution in Turkey and Available Policy Choices
Assoc. Prof. Ayşe Aylin Bayar, Prof. Öner Günçavdı, Prof. Haluk Levent

Our world is facing the biggest global crisis since the World War II. The already deteriorating economies are confronted by an unprecedented challenge. In this policy paper, Assoc. Prof. Bayar, Prof. ... ...

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US-Turkey Relations - How to Avoid a Complete Breakdown?
Dr. Oya Dursun-Özkanca

We are observing the most turbulent period in Turkey-US relations, notwithstanding the congenial personal relations between Presidents Trump and Erdoğan. While it is natural to observe occasional dive... ...

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Is it time to negotiate a complementary framework for Turkey-EU relations?
Dr. İlke Toygür

For years, Turkey and the European Union settled into a very fragile status quo. Even if the relationship proved itself more resilient than many expected, the current framework - Turkey being a candid... ...

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